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What are the classification of sheet metal?


Type of sheet metal.

1, special steel, structural steel, tool steel, bearing steel, heavy rail, light rail, crane rail, heavy rail accessories, elevator guide rail, ball flat steel, mine i-steel, agricultural composite steel, steel, silver steel, steel pile support steel cylinders, hollow steel, die steel, material, industrial pure iron, the finished product standard parts brazing steel, steel, caterpillar

2, board with steel, tractor beam with channel steel, Marine chain round steel, gear steel, electrical steel, round steel, alloy wheel rim steel and composite flat steel, cold bending steel, cold-drawn steel, U C Z steel, heat resistant to corrosion resistant steel.

3, wire rod, high speed wire rod and rebar, galvanized wire, wire, iron wire, spring wire, wire rod (article), welding wire, and optimal lines, hard lines, carbon round steel, cold-drawn ribbed steel bar, cold drawing twisted bars, straight bar, wire, cold wire drawing.

4, stainless steel, stainless profile, stainless wire, stainless steel plate, stainless plate, stainless steel pipe, stainless seamless tube, stainless welded pipe, stainless steel strip, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel, stainless steel metal products, stainless straight, stainless elbow, thin-walled stainless steel tube, stainless steel compound steel plate, stainless steel rods, stainless steel hot rolled steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel cold rolling, the spring with stainless steel cold-rolled steel belt, head with stainless steel cold-rolled steel belt, color picture tube spring with stainless steel cold-rolled steel belt, watch with stainless steel cold-rolled steel belt;

5, seamless steel pipe: general seamless steel tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, with seamless steel tube structure, transmission fluid with seamless tube, cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless tube, cold drawn seamless steel pipe, special automobile axle works seamless tube, ship with carbon steel and carbon manganese steel seamless steel tube, diesel engine with high pressure seamless tube, low medium pressure boiler with precision seamless tube, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder diameter seamless pipe, seamless tube for high pressure boiler use, chemical fertilizer equipment with high-pressure seamless pipe, seamless tube used in oil cracking, diamond core drilling with seamless tube, hydraulic prop with hot rolled seamless steel tube;

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